Welcome to the European Game Executives' Summits @ Mallorca and Germany!

European Game Executives' Summit [EGES] was established in autumn 2006, as a board of directors meeting in Mallorca - far from journalists and deadline pressure - to discuss business issues.

Since then the Lindner Hotel Portal Nous was the annually host to three days of discussions on team-building, financing, market developments etc. In 2017 the EGES will take place at the Maritim Hotel Galatz.


The honest and open yet critical handling of current issues raised back in 2006 gave birth to the desire to hold the workshop on a regular basis. Over the years we invited more and more business partners to join us in Portal Nous. In recent years the number of participants has risen steadily, with over 60 people traveling to participate in the EGES in 2015. 


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of EGES we brought the popular Game Executives' Summit for the first time to Germany and sunny California.


Both events have been very successful and in March 2017 Krefeld will be host of the second editon of EGES Germany. 


From the very beginning the golden rules have been:

- no journalists

- only senior and executive level participants

- enough time to discuss all of the current industry topics

- and the most important rule "Don’t share any business insights you heard about at EGES in public!"


If you like to join one of our EGES events, please, use the respective tab on the top and register yourself (Participate!). We will come back to you very soon to refuse or confirm your participation.


Some Impressions of EGES Mallorca

This is what our attendees say about EGES:

"As a first time participant, I was surprised to find a conference with a climate that was very laid back and open. We all have our own agendas and visions to deliver upon but here, for a short while, time stops and you are allowed to vent ideas and ask for feedback. With professional speakers who go one step further to  deliver, not only the polished version of their successes and findings, but the honest truth of their struggles and brave insights into the future, this is time well spent. It was a time to step back and put the gaming world into perspective within an amazing environment that made me leave the event with restored batteries and full of challenges and ideas to dive into."

Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director EA DICE

"I regularly join the EGES for years now and it's getting even better every year.

Here you meet the top-class heads of the games industry in a very private atmosphere in a beautiful spot on Mallorca.

The conference has the most open and honest presentations and discussions I've seen in the industry so far."

Heiko Hubertz, CEO & Founder of Bigpoint.com/WHOW Games

"EGES is my personal event highlight of the year. It's definitely the conference where I learn the most and where I can reflect my own in depth view on industry trends with other industry leaders. The very discussion oriented format assists in getting debates going that are a lot more open, controversial and honest than elsewhere, and very often the discussions continue until evening hours and beyond."

Harald Riegler, CEO & Founder Sproing

"EGES offers  unique atmosphere and opportunity to have unhurried dialog with some of the sharpest minds in the European games industry. The frank and timely topics are covered in depth and honestly at this summit. The environment's undisturbed  calm lends itself best to reflecting various burning topics with high caliber participants."

Matias Myllyrinne, former CEO Remedy

"This was my first year at the summit and I was astounded by the high quality of the discussions. For every person running into a problem for the first time and needing help, there were two or three people who had been through the same problem already and could show us how they made it past the problem to succeed. I learned more in just 3 days at this one conference than in any 10 other conferences I have attended. Hands down, the 2011 Summit was the best conference I have been to since my first GDC in 1989. "

Jess Mulligan, Executive Consultant Online Games

"Direct, honest and real. EGES provided the most in-depth and relevant content I’ve heard in years in an environment that not only fostered a sense of excellence, but also global community. This has become one of must attend events."

Alexander Fernandez, CEO Streamline Media Group

"Thanks for the great event! I met true international executives from all the different gaming spaces sharing deep insights and challenges that each one of us is facing. I really learned something here and nobody bothered the audience with usual marketing buzz, clearly an exception to the rule. Last but not least, Mallorca was a great spot to hang out after the workshop and I'm looking forward to next year!"

Michael Schade, CEO Rockfish